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Small Business Loan Options For Equipment & Furniture Wholesalers

Equipment and furniture wholesalers are constantly trying to improve efficiency and work with bigger clients. In order to fulfill their larger-than-average requests, they need advanced equipment and a lot of it. Inventory must be purchased when it makes sense for their budget, while additional staff can ramp up productivity and bring in more business. Bigger clients process invoices quickly but pay late. Despite all the money that goes into filling their orders, equipment and furniture wholesalers often wait over 90 days to be paid in full.

This elongated business cycle makes it very difficult to stay current on bills, let alone move forward with growth-related initiatives. Your vendors probably aren’t as lenient as you are when it comes to extending credit, even in the event of a slow period. Productivity is stifled as well because rather than devoting your full attention to filling orders, precious time is wasted sending emails and making phone calls to get a sense of when your payment will finally come in.

Unpredictable or tumultuous cash flow is particularly dangerous for equipment and furniture wholesalers because their orders are time-sensitive. They must foster relationships with vendors and maintain the resources to work around their clients’ terms. And if gathering enough cash to cover day-to-day operations wasn’t challenging enough, what happens when the business needs to grow? Additional salespeople, new technology, and extensive marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly vital for survival.

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