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Small Business Loan Options For Accountants & Auditors

Accountants, auditors, and bookkeepers experience extreme seasonality. Demand for their services is borderline insuperable during tax season but drops immensely on the opposite side of the year.

So, when it gets busy, the usual resources simply do not suffice. Many accountants increase staff during tax time to handle the massive workload. Without more help, an accountant could easily be forced to work over 80 hours a week and risk careless mistakes due to exhaustion. But they can’t just hire anybody. Finding qualified employees has long been one of the top challenges for accountants, who must take the time to train new hires and offer competitive salaries.

Making their work even more stressful are mandatory, non-negotiable deadlines. Accountants must be ready for surges in demand at fairly specific dates in order to get their upcoming work done on time. If they fail to do so, their clients could face fines. When business is slow, on the other hand, an otherwise successful firm might struggle to keep its lights on. But you can’t expect a strong busy season if you do not invest in attracting more business several months beforehand.

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