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Small Business Loan Options For Cosmetics Stores

Like countless other industries, cosmetics has become significantly more competitive over the past decade or so. In addition to major department stores and chains, smaller cosmetic companies must now compete with ecommerce giants and independent beauty entrepreneurs who seem to be popping up every day.

Demand has changed dramatically as well, largely thanks to the increasing availability of specialty or niche products. Customers who have skin allergies or only wish to use natural ingredients can now find exactly what they need. Then there’s the undeniable success of social media influencers, who release photos promoting certain products or video tutorials that show how to apply them. As you can see, staying up-to-date in the cosmetics industry is no easy feat. In an age when customers can seamlessly find all types of products online for competitive prices, cosmetics stores must continuously prove the value of an in-person experience.

And with so many new products gaining popularity, it’s crucial for cosmetics stores to expand their inventory supply throughout the year. Managing inventory is extremely difficult, however, when you are trying to provide a balanced mix of industry staples and the subjects of the latest mass marketing campaigns. Niche products also tend to be more expensive and carry lower profit margins.

Fundture Capital has provided Small Business Loans for Cosmetics Wholesalers and Retail Stores selling cosmetics for several years. As smaller boutique cosmetic stores compete with the major department stores such as SAKS and Macy’s as well as specialist stores including Sephora, and online giants like Amazon — having access to quick small business financing allows businesses to stock their shelves with new products that consumers see advertised. Contact us today for your FREE business funding consultation!